The Overnight Night Tour Postponed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jake will be postponing his upcoming tour. Fans can receive full refunds at place of purchase.

Good news is I have a ton of other shows and another tour I’ll be announcing soon that’s in a few months. Ain’t no thing my people.

Watch the Lights Down Low Wedding Video

I wrote "Lights Down Low" when I first started dating Emily. I had never invested so much of my heart into a song before. I knew it was special and the feelings encapsulated within it would live with us for the rest of our lives. We had always joked about having a harp player outside on our balcony waking us up in the morning in some paradise dream. I knew she was my soul mate and the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I planned the proposal for months and ended up surprising her with the help of our mutual best friend Katie who introduced us. I proposed to Emily in the same place we had our first date, with a harp player playing along while I sang Lights Down Low. We got married in April. Life has a funny way of bringing the most special people into your life when you least expect it. It's up to you to call them after your first date and ask the crazy question of if they would want to fly half way across the country to have a second date while on tour. I'm so glad you took that leap of faith with me from that first weekend my love. The urge.

Thank you to the incredible Jade Ehlers for capturing our wedding in such a magical way, Catherine Powell for capturing the proposal so beautifully, and Morgan Wheeler for editing it all together gorgeously.

Watch the Official Video for Lights Down Low (feat. gnash)

Delighted to present the official “Lights Down Low” video feat Gnash, my friend Andrea Russett and many more incredible people. This video was almost 6 months in the making and means more to me than any other we’ve ever created thus far. Every detail was crucial. Every moment in the story. We just wanted it to be real. How our lives are really made up of individual flashes in time. Special moments that are unexplainable and intangible yet go by in a flash. Thank you to the entire passionate and incredible team who made the vision come to life. It’s so rare and special to have people you work with really connect. That’s all we hope you do when watching. Feel. Connect. Think. 

You can now also stream, download  and whatever else you’d like to do with all of the lights down low versions feat. gnash here